don't throw your old jeans away quite yet....

Denim is one of the few materials that actually gets better with age. Super soft, stained, ripped, and the most amazing wash and wear patterns that can all help to tell a story about where the garment's been. These chararacteristics make denim a PERFECT material to re-use and recycle into unique new pieces. 

We make:  Custom Pillows, Motorcycle Blankets, Ponchos, Purses, Dog Beds, Rugs, Bed Blankets and much more !!! We also repair holes in denim, can sew shirts or blankets to jackets, and offer a wide variety of customization to make a piece for you that's a true one of kind every time. 

We love collaborating with our customers, if we don't have something already at the store that catches your eye then let's make it !!!

Swing by the shop if you're in the Silverlake area or for all other inquiries please email us at!

We're EXCITED TO WORK WITH YOU ... when you look good, we feel great !!!